Sunday, November 27, 2016

Teacher First Aid Kit

I love to scour Pinterest and look at all the cool teacher gift ideas! I know your thinking, Karen your a teacher, don't you get all of those cool things as gifts? The answer is unfortunately, no:(  I am not complaining, I love teaching and do not do it for the gifts.  As a 5th/6th grade teacher even crafty parents have run out of ideas by the time they get to me.  Sooo I scour looking for ideas to give my teaching friends a little something.

This year I was walking down the isle of Dollar Tree when I thought to my self, maybe I can find a little tin box, and I could make a little first aid kit like we had the cub scouts make when my boys were little.

I had a Pinterest worthy plan of my own brewing!  Well no tin boxes were to be found at Dollar Tree, but I found some little stack-able plastic drawers.

The top of the drawer measured 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches.  So using Design Space 2 I created a basic canvas square which I colored a light green so I could see the space I had to work with (a canvas is used to "work on" it will not cut out).

I then made a text boxes to place my words in. I used the Cake Basics font. I started with #WeAreCrew, which is a saying we use at our school, meaning we are all in it together, I have your back.   I did not pay particular attention to the font size, but changed the length to 4 inches, so I knew it would fit on my canvas (upon looking back at the file, they all seemed to be about 50 font).  I did the same with the line Teacher and First Aid Kit. I placed them on my canvas to check size, and then highlighted all of them and clicked on align- center horizontally to line up the words.  I made sure to leave enough room between my first and second lines to add the band aid.  Then I clicked on attach while all of the text was still highlighted, so it would all cut together.

I clicked on add images and searched band aid.  I found Band-Aid (#M3FA55) from the Indie Art cartridge.  After inserting it, I hit ungroup and removed the second color from it. I clicked on edit and entered 2 in the height box and then moved it onto the canvas to make sure it would fit.  

Once I had finished designing, I sent it to the Cricut to cut.  I made sure I set the dial to vinyl, and waited while the Cricut did its magic.  

I carefully weeded the unwanted vinyl away from the design, then used Cricut transfer tape to transfer the design to my box. 

Now on to filling the box... what does every teacher need a stash of? I decided on Kleenex, Chapstick, Vitamin C drops and drink mix (something we all live on the minute someone sneezes on us!) and of course some chocolate!

I was rather impressed with my creation, I think my co-teachers will love it. If you have design space you can use this file to get you started.  If you do not have Cake Basics (the font I used) or the Indie cartridge, you can delete or change the picture.  Have fun making it your own. 

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