Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why buy the die when you have the Cricut & Design Space?

Yesterday was our first of 2 Charity Crops we hold at  our local Moose Lodge each year.  My sister, daughter, and I are Women of the Moose.  We donate the proceeds to Moose Heart, Moose Haven, our Local Special Olympics, and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.  Our turn out was small but wonderful!

My friend Nancy wanted to come & learn a little more about how to use her Cricut and Design Space better. After discussing how slice can only be used with two images (and how that pesky score line is what will mess you up every time if you don't remove it!) we ventured into weld and attach.

I have been watching Jennifer McGuire videos and then wanting the My Favorite Things  Peek a boo polka dots background die (Die-Namics MFT920).  I have put it in my cart numerous times.  But always talk my self out of it.  I tell myself, you can make that with the Cricut Karen! But, I haven't done it.  Till now!

I couldn't find the original die to use as my inspiration so I decided on .5 for each little circle.  We created a card front base to use to measure out the size we would need, than figured out how many circles we would need to go across the card.  We placed them over our card base template, made sure our two outside circles were where we wanted them to be (distance from the outer edge) at and selected each circle by holding the control button down and clicking on each.  Once all the circles we connected we clicked on align and clicked on center vertically and distribute horizontally.

While the circles were all still selected we welded them together, making them one image (this is important for later when we want to slice!).  

We then duplicated the circle row 7 more times to make a total of 8 rows to cover the entire card front.  

Then again we used the align buttons to enter horizontally and distribute vertically.  Again when they were all selected we welded them together.  

To center the circles on the card front we selected both and the welded circles and the background card front and clicked on align then center.  Since the circles were one image and the background was one image we could now select slice to make our circle background "die" cut. 

All that was left was to create another card back in case we needed it to put behind the circle die for the white on white look and delete the circles (we saved and hide one set in case we ever need it).  

Here is the link to that finished project.

Nancy wanted to be sure she could do it alone, so she made one with squares. You can access the design file here.

And this morning after I found the actual die I liked I redesigned the circle file to have .375 circles off set.  I used the same process. You can access the design space files here. 

I wanted to document the process to help others and remind myself how to do it!  I hope you enjoy it! 


  1. Really cool. Now to see if this new user can do following your great instructions.

  2. Thanks! Let me know how it works out for you!